Lankayan Island is a true Macro world paradise. Saved are large stretches of beautiful hard and soft corals belonging to numerous  genera, among which are multitudes of macro world subjects and juvenile fishes, colorful to the extreme. It is possible that some of the species found here are yet to be described. Pelagic also abound here, from large schools of scads,  yellow tail barracudas, jacks, and many more. The many schools of medium to large hump head parrotfish are always an exciting  encounter. Sometimes, the diver is lucky enough to meet large rays, guitarfish and even manatees.  For those more inclined towards the smaller denizens of the reefs, there are numerous juvenile fishes, clown anemone fishes,  decorator and spider crabs, coral shrimps, nudibranchs, prawn gobies and abundant of rarer subjects such as jawfish, ornate ghost pipefish and frogfish. Divers are sure to appreciate the remaining large stretches of unspoiled lettuce, staghorn and other hard corals as well as the many  varieties of soft corals, feather stars, sponges, sea fans etc. The many different types of anemones and their different partners, the  clown anemone fish, shrimp and porcelain crabs are a definite sight. We have four totally different wrecks home to abundant of fishes large and small. Our "Lankayan Wreck" was an ocean going fish  poaching vessel appropriately demised in the area of its illegal activities. It is now the base of numerous fishes, from small  cardinals and yellow pikes to large groupers, cobias and emperors. A very impressive site and at only 23 meters. Look out for the  ornate ghost pipefish Diving at Lankayan Lankayan Island Dive Resort Lankayan island is a true Macro World Paradise PADI International Resort Association   Our PADI Dive Instructors offer a variety of PADI courses here at   Lankayan, which are as follows. 1. Discover Scuba Diving  2. Open Water  3. Advanced Open Water  4. Introduction to Night Diving  Important : This is the resort owner’s site. Other look alike sites have nothing to do                   with us and their contents posted without our permission.                                                      Copyright © Pulau Sipadan Resort & Tours Sdn Bhd